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Webinar EFA sulla General Data Protection Regulation riservata ai soci



Daniel Fluskey
Head of Policy and Research
Institute of Fundraising UK

Dr Heidi Scheichenbauer
Law and Tax Expert
Fundraising Verband Austria


General data protection regulation is a hot topic for fundraisers in Europe with only 8 months to go before GDPR is introduced. Our webinar speakers will share their experiences in preparing for GDPR in the UK and Austria and will address key questions for fundraising associations, such as:

  • What does new GDPR mean for organisations – large and small?
  • What does it mean for their fundraising?
  • What are the challenges ahead? What are the biggest threats?
  • Should all organizations worry, or will it be less painful for smaller organizations?
  • What capacities in terms of investment, HR or others will it require?
  • Are the preparations and compliance costly?
  • Does GDPR bring any benefits for fundraising? What will improve from organization’s point of view?


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